Local businesses typically seek out online consultants or digital marketing agencies because they are struggling to build a strong web presence. In many cases, the business owner would be looking to gain a good position in the search engines, with the hope of increased traffic. A good online consultant, though, can offer far more than just SEO services. The addition of multiple traffic streams, along with improved conversion techniques, can make a huge difference to your clients, resulting in more traffic, greater conversions, and improved brand building. Each of these seven methods can radically increase exposure for a local business, helping both your own and your clients online presence.

Design Eye-Catching Graphics

Quality graphics play a big part in gaining visitors trust. If a website has an amateur feel to it, you will usually see a lower conversion rate. By adding professional graphics, whether this includes a logo, header, infographics, or product images, you can instantly add more credibility to the site.

Offer Comprehensive Reports

If your clients are unfamiliar with many aspects of the online world, it can be hard to gauge the effectiveness of your work. Comprehensive reports should detail what you have done and what has been achieved, so clients can understand the progress their site is making. Reports can include SEO updates, social media mentions, and return on investment for paid advertising.

Use Analytics & A/B Testing

Analytics can provide valuable information for a business owner, allowing changes that can better cater to visitors. Along with analytics, A/B testing lets you dig deeper into all the major elements on the site, from the overall layout to the color of each button. Developing tests and working on the subsequent data will be incredibly valuable to clients who want to understand their audience.

Rank Multiple Platforms in the Search Engines

SEO is a major reason local businesses employ online consultants, but it is possible to do more than simply rank the main website. For less competitive search terms, you can often rank a number of different platforms, including directories, social media sites, and YouTube videos. These multiple listing can offer a bump in search traffic, while also branding the business in a positive way.

Implement a Retargeting Campaign

Most site visitors won’t take action on their first visit. Local businesses tend to require fewer views of a brand, but retargeting can ensure they follow up on their interest. After a visitor lands on a site, a banner can subsequently be shown on other sites within the retargeting network.

Ensure Websites Are Mobile-Friendly

Mobile browsing continues to grow each year, so a site that isn’t mobile-friendly risks losing a lot of traffic. A site can be compatible with mobile devices, but being truly mobile-friendly means offering an experience that makes the most of the platform.

Simplify Social Media Posting

Most businesses understand the importance of a strong social media presence, but posting to all the various platforms takes time. Simplifying the social process is a valuable service for clients, with the opportunity to save time and streamline the process. Tools like Hootsuite and IFTTT make it easier to syndicate content across a number of social media sites, creating greater business efficiency.

Competition for local clients can be fierce, so it helps if you can offer more than the average business. Online consulting is much more than just SEO, with various traffic streams leading to growth and sustainability. Not every client will want every feature you can offer, but most will typically see the benefits of a wide-ranging approach. While every client will be different, local business owners want their online presence to treated with the same care they treat their offline business, so a broad range of valuable services can always help you stand out.