Google News SEO: Make Money With Google News Websites

Do you want to make money online at home?

Are you in search of some authentic ways of earning some extra bucks?

If this sounds to you, then stick to this article.

In this era of pandemic where everyone is facing financial crisis, earning from home is indeed a great option.

This article will reveal some authentic ways of earning money online using GOOGLE NEWS.

So without further ado, let’s move to the topic.


You can identify from its name, it’s a news aggregator service which is developed by Google.

Google news presents a constant flow of articles organized by thousands of publisher and magazines.

You can easily find Google news at the top bar of search engine with the tab “news”.

When you Google some query, on the result page, there are some links under the heading of “top stories” that is Google news. If any website appears under the heading of “top stories’, it means it’s there on Google news.

Google news is a great way to earn some extra income at home.

Some people think that Google news is a useless stuff. Not only this, working on Google news is quite difficult. In addition to this, there are some people who think that Google news is dead now.

No! This is absolutely wrong. The reality is way too different.

The working method of Google news has changed now. Earlier, people used to work on Google trends, which are real time and needs real time information. At that time people used to get millions of visitors in a day at their website, which was a good thing.

But now, Google news do not work on exact real time. Because of which competitors and other big brands cover the hot news quickly, before you get to know about the news. This way it becomes quite difficult to beat the competitor and bring traffic to your website. Of course, for newbie it is difficult to beat the new giants.


Earning through Google news is really an interesting and easy task. You don’t need to invest millions of money. All you need to do is buy a domain, hosting and design a premium web theme with 50 unique articles on your website.

The theme of website is the most crucial part. Theme should be unique. Remember the more unique the theme is, more chances of website approval will be there.

If you are not able to make a unique theme, then at least make a magazine style theme.

Google news is a powerful tool that gives high return on investment. Usually the average selling price of Google new is 750 $. For general domain the average selling price is 1000$ where as for niche specific site the selling price if 500$.

While selling Google website, make sure to check the availability of website on Google news.

Remember to purchase Google news site from authentic source, since there are some people who sells expired domains. So it is advisable to buy from authentic source.

Approval process:

  • Buy a domain
  • Make theme- theme should be unique. if not then at least it should be magazine style
  • At least 50 unique articles should be at your hand before approval
  • daily 3- 4 articles must be uploaded
  • Articles should be news type- you cannot add” how to”, guides, or blogging type content.
  • 5 digit numeric code of PERMA link  should be there in your URL
  • Add plug-in of news site map from web master tool.
  • You should have proper authors and editors in your page.
  • Your page should have necessary information such as about us, contact us.

VIDEO SEO: Rank Youtube Video in 14 Days on Google

So you are searching the internet trying to figure out an easy method to rank your Youtube videos.  What you are looking for is Video SEO. And maybe it’s because you want to be Youtube star? Or maybe you are trying to generate a few leads for your local business that you are just starting up?  Or maybe you just want to simply make money online with Youtube? – Well, here you can find an a method that actually works to rank the Youtube videos you have created, on SERPs which has never been published anywhere on the internet.

You might think that it’s too late to make money with online videos, but Youtube is actually still a major goldmine for online marketers, and you can promote almost anything on a Youtube channel that is free to create. I personally love to use Youtube to get quick backlinks for my personal websites.  Some types of backlinks that you can create can be for, Pay Per Download method, Affiliates and etc. It took me about 3 months to figure out what were the absolute best methods to rank the Youtube videos on SERPs, and I finally succeeded after testing out what works and what does not work. I have ranked lots of Youtube videos for myself and later on I have provided video SEO services for 100s of happy clients.

Here is the results of one particular video I ranked  for my offline business and guess what? I am getting leads from this one video on a daily basis.

How to Create Youtube Videos?

There are 100s of ways to create videos for youtube, or you could even outsource the work for your Youtube Videos. You can use some free online tools to create videos, paid software, and/or you can outsource the videos at a very affordable rate. Animoto – Make & Share Beautiful Videos Online (Recommended) Stupeflix – Make video slideshows with photos, music Wideo – Make animated online videos free

If you looking to make high quality videos, and want to get into a bit of cinematography, I would suggest adobe, or final cut.  Both are very expensive, but well worth the money, when you consider some of the things that you can create with it.  Usually the two programs as far as quality go are neck and neck, but right now I would say adobe is a little better.  With the next update final cut could be better, so it just depends on what you want to use, and what you feel comfortable with.

If you are looking to outsource the video you can try out fiverr gigs too – I always use fiverr gigs for video testimonials. There are a variety of models (Every kind of).

On Page SEO for Youtube Video

Keyword Research: Do some keyword research for your video and try to focus only 3 to 5 keywords (1 main keyword and others should be long tails)

Video Length: You need to create video minimum 2:00 mintues of length if you are focusing on some low competitive keywords. If you are planning to make 3-4 figures income from the single video than you should go for the 5:00 minutes.  Basically the longer the more authority your video will essentially have.

Video File Name: Yet another secret! Use your keyword with your video file name.  Most people miss this step, but remember everything counts.

Title: Set the title of the video only include the keyword you can use 3 keywords on a single video (Don’t spam).

Description: Description plays very important role to rank the video. Donot write 3-4 lines in the description write 700+ words unique article with keyword density of 5% YES! We are going to spam and rank the video.

Tags: Enter your keywords into the tags.

Quality: Quality of the video should be minimum 720p HD.

Category: Select relevant category.

Channel: Youtube user and channel should have the keyword in it.

Off Page SEO for Youtube Video

Most important part and my favorite part to ranking the videos. But before you start building links you need to boost up the video.

Views: Without views you cannot rank the videos on serps and also on youtube. If you are getting normal or mobiles views so they cannot work (old method) you need high retention time watched views. If you want to focus on USA than go for the geo targeted videos. You can find views seller anywhere in the internet but fiverr is my favorite source to outsource the these stuff for cheap. You can get up to 50k geo targeted high retention time watched views.

Likes: I personally go for 500 likes you can use anywhere between 100 to 500 likes, mainly pay attention to what your competitors have.

Subscribers: 100 subscribers are enough for the channel.

Favorites: 100 Favorites are enough.

Comments: Always stick with the custom comments don’t use only generic comments (They helps a lot for conversions) 35 comments are enough.

If you can’t afford fiverr than you can use Vagex and u2bviews to get views, likes, subscribers, favorites and comments.

Link Building Strategy for Video SEO (SPAM SPAM and SPAM – Yes do spam as much as you can)

  • Scrapebox
    : For tons of High PR Auto Approve Do-follow Blog Comments (10k to 50k comments).
  • Bookmarking Demon: The best software for social bookmarking (1k to 10k social bookmarks).
  • XRUMER: Use Xrumer and build forum profiles (10k to 50k forum profiles)

If you don’t have these tools than go donot waste your money! Go and get GSA Ranker — GSA Search Engine Ranker (The most powerful SEO Software i have ever used). Set campaign for your video and leave it for 7 days.

  • Social Signals: Don’t forget to add Facebook likes/shares, Reddit votes, Google+, Tweets and Retweets, Stumbleupon, Digg and etc. Find list by yourself (Google is your best friend).
  • High PR Links: If you are in hurry and don’t have anytime you want to make money really fast than go for the High PR links, No i am not talking about the High PR blog comments. I am talking about the Sape (Russian Links) 50-100 Links are enough you can remove them after 10 days if you want. 100 Russian Links will costs your around $100 per month.
  • Embed Video on Web 2.0: Embed your video within the article by using old embed code of the video and create minimum 20 web.20 add any kind of article (original, spun, crap anything will work) and embed your video into them and start blasting for atleast 7 days. You can find all the above stuff on fiverr. The more you build links – More you get rank.

4 Ways to Overcome a Google Penalty

One of the worst things a webmaster can encounter is the dreaded Google penalty.? If you fail to get rid of it or even ignore it, your search engine ranking is going to suffer because of it.? With that being said, it’s so important that you set your emotions aside and take action if you want to see your situation improve, and while it may be tempting to start a new website, you have to understand that this is going to be a lot more work than getting rid of the penalty itself.

To help you get out of the penalty box and on Google’s good side again, here’s what you can do to get rid of any penalty you may encounter:

#1 Anchor Text

The first thing that you’re going to want to look at is your anchor text diversity.? If most of your anchor text is the same, Google is going to raise a red flag, and this could be the reason you’re penalized.? You have to understand that a natural backlink profile will have a very diverse anchor text distribution.

To find out what your anchor text profile looks like, consider using free tools like Majestic SEO.? If you have one anchor text that is more than 10 percent of your profile, you’re going to want to change this by either removing the link completely or varying the anchor text if possible.? As long as that link isn’t spammy, you should try your best to keep it.

When you build links in the future, try to vary your anchor text by using the following:


.   yourdomain

.   title of your website

.   random keywords

.   three to five words that relate to your keyword

Again, as long as you don’t go over 10 percent, you should be safe.

#2 Bad Links

While it’s tempting to build quick links, this can actually hurt you in the end.? Today, building backlinks isn’t about the quantity; it’s about the quality.? If you have hundreds of bad links pointing to your website, you’re going to want to start removing these links as soon as possible.

Bad links will include:

.   Link farms

.   Websites that have duplicate or thin content

.   Websites that are in bad niches, such as gambling or drugs

.   Websites that don’t show up in a Google search

.   Directories

.   Article directories

.   Blog comments on low-quality pages

Deleting the Links – Take the Right Steps

Most Google penalties often come from bad links pointing to a website, and if you’re a victim of this penalty, you have to understand that it can take a long time before you can resolve the issue.

When you start removing these bad backlinks, the first thing that you’re going to want to do is create a spreadsheet.? The reason you’re going to want to do this is because it will give Google evidence that you’re actually trying to remove the links when you submit a reconsideration request in the future.?

This spreadsheet should note the website, the anchor text you’re trying to remove, the person contacted and when you tried to contact them.? The more information you have in this spreadsheet, the better it will be for your case.? As a general rule of thumb, try to use GDocs so that you can share it with Google.

As you contact webmasters, be sure to fill out each row with the appropriate information.? If the webmaster doesn’t respond after two to three requests within 45 days, then you will want to use the “disvow” tool to discredit the link.? Again, as long as you keep a record, this is going to show Google that you’re serious about getting rid of these links.

#3 Fast Link Building

Whether your website is 30 days old or it has been around for 10 years, you will always want to avoid building links too fast.? A natural profile will have links that have been built consistently over time, and while it may be tempting to go out there and manually build 100 links in one day, this is a huge no-no.

If you feel you’re a victim of building links too fast, then you’re going to want to apply the same strategy as mentioned in the tip above.

#4 Duplicate or Thin Content

As Google updates its search engine, websites that produce duplicate or thin content are going to be penalized.

If you have pages that have no content or words that have been copied from another source, you’re going to want to either delete it or “nofollow” the page so Google can ignore it.? Like building links, the number of pages on your website won’t necessarily equal more traffic. ??Each time you build a page, always keep quality in mind.

If you feel your website is too thin or is filled with duplicate content, you’re going to want to take your time and check every page on your website to make sure it’s unique, informative and can’t be found anywhere else.

When trying to get out of the penalty box, don’t take the easy route by making a few changes and submitting a reconsideration request.? If you take the time to apply the strategies mentioned above, there will be a great chance your penalty will be revoked.

Guest Posting a Quick Guide to Success

Over the past 10 years, SEO has changed drastically.? It wasn’t too long ago where you could comment on blogs, blast 1,000 links on some lousy blog network and watch your website shoot to the top for a competitive keyword.?

However, things have changed — a lot.

Building your brand and rankings today will require a lot more work, and it won’t come easy.? One particular method that has worked for ages is guest posting.? Guest posting is an amazing way to build your brand, bring in traffic and yes, increase your search engine ranking.? As long as it’s done right, you can see a lot of benefits for the time you invest.

If you’re unfamiliar with guest posting, it’s the process of reaching out to other bloggers and offering them unique content.? In exchange for the content, they will allow you to place your website link in your short bio at the end of the piece.

To get you the best guest posting opportunities possible, here’s how you can make the most out of your ventures:

What are your goals?

Before you even begin guest posting, you’re going to first want to decide why you want to guest post.

.   Do you want to build your brand??

.   Are you looking for traffic?

.   Do you want to increase your ranks?

If you’re looking for traffic, then it’s ideal to find websites that have a larger readership.? This can usually be done by checking their social media accounts, traffic estimates and the comments left on the blog.? If the website continually updates their content and hundreds of people comment on their posts, then there’s a good chance they have a good following and a good amount of traffic.?These are the websites you will want to target if you’re looking to build your brand and get traffic.

However, if you’re interested in building your search engine rank, you don’t necessarily have to think about traffic, but instead, think about the domain authority.? In the world of SEO, backlinks are still a great way to show search engines that you matter.? If you’re getting links from worthless WordPress and BlogSpot blogs, the search engines aren’t going to take you seriously.? Instead, what you’re going to want to look out for is their domain authority and who links to them.? You can get this information for free via the tool.? The more powerful the domain is, the more powerful that link can be.? Just remember that when you’re looking to link out in your byline, try to switch up the anchor text.

Finding the Opportunities

Here comes the fun part — finding blogs who want your content.? Before you shoot off that email, you’re going to want to have a few goals in mind.

.   For starters, always focus on your niche.? Don’t blog on a cat blog if your website is about health.

.   Always make sure that the audience will be interested.

.   Are there people who will see your post?? It’s kind of silly to write for a blog that has no readers and no authority.? Why waste your time?

.   What kind of opportunities will present themselves after writing this?

As long as you’re targeting the right websites, you’re going to be able to draw in targeted traffic and make the search engine gods happy.

Google and Bing

These search engines are amazing ways to find guest posting opportunities.? As long as you use the right search parameters, your list of contacts could be endless.? To find websites that are searching for current guest bloggers, here are some searches you can use:

.   “submit a guest post” + your keyword

.   “guest post” + your keyword

.   “write for us” ?+ your keyword

.   “writing guidelines” ?+ your keyword

.   “contribute” + your keyword

Simply swap “your keyword” with your the niche you’re looking for.? Be sure to play around with these keywords to get a lot of different results.


Using the same strategies mentioned above, Twitter is a great way to find guest posting opportunities in real-time.? With their search function, use similar search queries to see which bloggers are accepting posts now.


Just about every website and blog on the internet accept guest contributors.? If you ever come across a blog that accepts guest posts, see who wrote it in the past.? For example, let’s say it said, “Bill Jones writes for ABC Company.”? You could copy that byline and search for it on Google.? If this person used a similar byline and wrote a lot of guest posts, you could see a list of websites that they have wrote for.


If you want to find website owners who are looking for guest posters, consider joining BloggerLinkup or MyBlogGuest.? These two free communities allow you to create free accounts and get massive lists of what owners are looking for in terms of content.? Simply email them with a pitch and wait for them to respond. If you do join these communities, just keep in mind that it can be competitive with other bloggers, so make sure that you offer some of the best content possible.

Pitching your Guest Post Topic

Now that you know how to find guest posts, here comes the hard part — writing up a topic idea.? When writing to a blog owner, you don’t want to just send out some boring topic that doesn’t fit their theme.? If it’s a fitness blog, they probably already have a topic on how to lose weight.

To help you develop the best guest posting idea possible, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

.   Know the blog’s audience.? Who are you writing for?

.   What kind of content is it?? Funny?? Professional?

.   What kind of guest posts did they accept in the past?

.   What type of post gets the most comments?

.   Who were the old guest posters?

To find topic ideas, check out social media websites, search popular newspapers and just be creative with it.? Unique topics are going to work great.

Sending the Email

The last part of guest posting is sending out an email and waiting.? However, even if you have the best topic ever, you can still screw things up if the email isn’t sent the right way.

These are absolute musts when sending an email:

.   Always read their guidelines and follow their rules

.   Make sure you’re personal with the mail.? Find out who the owner is and greet them by name

.   Tell them who you are

.   Why should they accept your guest post?

.   Compliment them

.   Give them at least two to three topics

.   Make it sweet

If you follow this guide, there’s no reason you can’t land some amazing guest posts.? As long as you’re linking back to a website that is reputable, you shouldn’t have a problem getting some successful responses.? Remember, you can have the best website in the world and still not receive answers from everyone.? Plan on getting a response from every 20 emails you send out.

Fixing Your Website if You Violate Google’s Guidelines

Over the past few years, Google has really been cracking down on their updates.? From the initial “Panda” to the “Penguin,” there have been hundreds of thousands of websites that have been affected by these updates.

Unfortunately, If your website has been hit by one of these updates, there’s probably a good chance that you violate Google’s quality guidelines.? To help you get out of Google’s dog house, here are some things that you can do to fix your website if you violate their guidelines —

How do I know if my website violated their guidelines?

If you have a Google Webmaster Tools account associated with the website in question, you can simply log into your account and look for any webmaster guidelines messages.? 99 percent of the time, Google will leave a message if they suspect you have been violating their policies.? Most of the time, these messages will be on the backlinks that are pointing to your website.

What are bad backlinks?

As mentioned, most websites that are penalized often have really bad, unnatural backlinks pointing their website that are spammy in the eyes of Google.? Even if you don’t have control of these backlinks, Google can still implement a penalty.? However, it doesn’t mean that your website is toast.

To help you understand what Google views as a bad backlink, here are some things you need to look out for:

.   Buying or selling links that will pass PageRank

.   Excessive link exchanges to other websites

.   Large scale guest posting or article marketing on low-quality websites

.   Excessive keyword-rich anchor text

.   Using automated programs

How can I find these bad backlinks?

First of all, you need to honestly analyze your website to make sure that the penalty isn’t coming from somethingyou control.? Here are some things to look out for —

.   Are you linking out to any websites with a keyword-rich anchor text?? Were you paid for it?

.   Do you exchange links for the sole purpose of trying to rank?

.   Do you accept low-quality articles for a payment?

If you honestly have a white hat website and are certain that the culprit is coming from the backlinks, let’s explore how we can find them.

.   Go to Google Webmaster Tools, click “Search Traffic” and then “Links to Your Site”

.   Click on the first table that shows the number of backlinks

.   Click “more”

.   Click “Download more sample links”

When you follow these steps, it’s going to download it as a spreadsheet file.

Analyzing Your Backlinks

Now that you have your spreadsheet file, it’s time to open up the file in Google Docs or Excel to start assessing your problem.

Start Deleting

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is go through every link and get rid of anyspammy links that you can control.? This is going to include forum signatures, article marketing and or any ads.? Basically, it’s up to you to use your judgment.? If you think it’s spammy, it’s best to get rid of the link.

Contact the Owners

Next, if you can’t manually delete the link, it’s time to contact the owner of the website.? While Google does have a disavow tool, it’s best to get the backlink completely removed.? To do this, find the webmaster’s information and send them a simple email.? Let them know that your website was penalized and if they can simply remove your link.? Keep in mind that some people are going to reply and ask for money.? If they do, don’t pay — it isn’t going to be worth it.

After a week or so, be sure to follow up one more time.? If you don’t hear from the owner within two to three weeks, add that link to your “disavow” list.

Use the Disavow Tool

Once you have deleted your manual links and contacted the website owners, it’s time to add any link to Google’s Disavow Tool.? To access this tool, you will want to do the following:

.   Log into Webmaster Tools

.   Click the website you want to work with

.   Click disavow links

.   Upload a spreadsheet file of all the links you want to disavow

By doing this, you’re going to tell Google that you don’t want these backlinks to count as “votes” toward your website.

After you attempt these options, you should be able to send a “reconsideration request” to Google.? However, only do this if you have a manual penalty applied to your website.? Again, you can find out if you have one by visiting your “Manual Action Viewer” in your account.? If your backlinks have been cleaned and Google approves of it, the penalty will be lifted.? However, if they come back and say you still have a penalty applied, you will want to dig deeper into your backlink situation and repeat the steps mentioned above.

As you can see, getting rid of a penalty is going to take a lot of work.? However, if you work hard at it and play by the rules, you should have nothing to worry about.? As long as you don’t try to trick Google and focus on developing unique and compelling content, you shouldn’t have to worry about that dreaded penalty hitting your website.

Using Blog Comments For Link building Purposes Isn’t Black Hat At All

If you depend on link building to help your website compete on the search engines, you could be worried about the constant stream of articles in the SEO press that write off one link building technique after the other. Each time Google rolls out an algorithm update, you are supposed to give up blog comments, forum posting and other practical link building methods. With at least 10 accessible link building methods reported as out of Google’s approved list of link building methods, there is practically nothing left. Is it really true, though, that these well-loved methods are no longer white hat?

Blog comments and posts on forums

If you have a blog, you probably have trouble with commenters coming in all the time with spammy comments and links attached. It’s much the same with forum postings. When cheap software like XRumer that automatically register on forums and send out forum postings by the thousand first became available, Google quickly marked this link building method as black hat and stopped paying such links any attention.

How is it, then, that SEO practitioners still use blog comments and forum posts to build links that successfully raise website profiles on Google?

There’s black hat comment/forum post marketing and then there’s the white hat stuff

Both automated comments and low quality handwritten comments add no value to the places they appear in. Links attached to such content have no value.

At high-quality forums and blogs, often, the readers and many of those writing comments are industry influencers. They have large followings on Facebook and Twitter. When a comment writer repeatedly appear in front of them and says something of value, he will soon become a known figure on the forum. This kind of activity can help form professional relationships. If you earn enough trust over time, you could easily earn yourself a link on the website of one of these trusted industry authorities. This kind of commenting can lead to great things.

In other words, while comment/forum posts may not be great places to leave links around in, they are one of the best ways you can start relationships in that will bring you links one day.

If using forum posts and comments sections to build relationships and links makes sense to you, here are the rules

  1. Use the same profile information everywhere: Many link builders use little standardization when they go around the Internet. They use different names, avatars and profile information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Disqus, Foursquare and every blog and forum. If you leave comments under different names all over the Internet, the people you wish would notice you will never know that it’s all the same person. To build a reputation, you need to be recognized each time you leave comments. You need to use profile standardization to ensure recognition.
  2. If possible, use a photo: While using the same avatar across all your online accounts is a good thing, it isn’t as good as using your photo everywhere. A high-quality photograph can convey so much more than an avatar – personality, character, friendliness and integrity, for instance. Only a professionally shot photograph can make all these qualities come through in a tiny postage stamp-sized image, though.
  3. Be honest, serious and creative in your comments: If you go into your commenting thinking that you’re there to market your website, you’ll end up losing any interest in being original. You want to sit and contemplate the blog post that you’ve read, form an honest opinion and then write it out. Honest opinions have a kind of power that made-up comments lack. Sometimes, if your opinion strikes a chord, the blog post writer himself will respond. He’ll bring up your comment, add a link to your website to mention where the comment came from and say something about it.
  4. Write a relevant post, yourself: One of the best ways to get a blog to put in a link to your website would be to write a good post in your website on the subject that the other blog deals in. This way, you can go to one of their posts and talk about this relevant post that you’ve written. If you put in a live link to it, though, people will right away suspect that you are a spammy link builder. Instead, you could put in a non-live link (without the http). You can add a note to the moderator that it’s up to them to turn it live. Your excellent manners will earn you points.

Finally, you need to make sure that you target the right websites, forums and blogs and make sure that you don’t call yourself a marketer or SEO person anywhere. Those names are right away bound to identify you as someone who’s just in it for the money.