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What is Extreme Content?

Are you looking for a professional writer? A writer who knows about SEO and can write research based content for you? Well, finding such a writer with all these capabilities is really challenging. From lack of professionalism to non-SEO write-ups, you’ll have to come across a lot of challenges. Even then, no one is going to guarantee you perfect work. What if we give this guarantee?

You can place your order with Extreme SEO Attack and get a perfect piece for your website or blog. Our professional writers research the niche and the topic, ensure SEO optimization and review the grammar & structure of the article before we deliver your masterpiece to you. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with problems like plagiarism, grammar issues and late submissions. Everything would be perfect; just as you wish.

Get Professionally Written Content

We have a team of writers, which is aware of the changing trends of the industry and the rising emphasis on the content quality. Moreover, on-page SEO optimization and the role of content in off-page optimization is also the expertise of our team members. When both of these attributes combine with the research on your specific topic, the creation of high-quality content becomes a necessity. Won’t you agree?

With this professional team of content writers working with us, we can ensure that you’ll get the best possible content on any niche. So, whether you own a fashion blog or the marketing one, experts can create the highest and well-researched article for you whenever required.

Our writers also understand the different needs for publishing the content. You might be looking for some educational pieces whereas the others could be promotional one. Each of this writing intention requires a different style, and you’ll have to see for yourself how beautifully our writers justify each of the articles or blog post for you.

Get High-Quality Content For Any Niche

All you need to do is place your order with us, and we will find out the best writer for you, depending upon your needs and the expertise of the writer. The end result of such a collaboration would be a highly-researched, SEO optimized best quality content that you can publish on your website. Once, you’ll order your content from us; it is our guarantee that you’ll come to us for getting your daily articles written by our expert writers.

Professional Content Writing Services

Informative, promotional, or explanatory, article writing is basically the backbone of all the content available on the internet. Befitting your needs, our writers can adapt to any tone and can ensure captive content, so that you can generate maximum benefit from it.

Inclusion of research in the content and making them SEO optimized are the two main features, and our writers value them a lot. So, just feel relaxed after placing your order for article writing with us as we guarantee your satisfaction.

We realize that you don’t expect the writers to conduct research every time. This is true in cases when you have all the information at hand, usually in the form of an article or website content. In such situations, paying for the research when you don’t want it, is absurd.

At Extreme SEO Attack, we have a special division that provides the customers with article rewriting services. In this service, we charge less as compared to the creation of new articles but ensure that you get the same meaning from your content with a better content structure. We have special writers hired for this purpose who have their expertise specifically in rewriting the content.

Whether it is a corporate blog or a personal one, the need for new content is always there. If you are getting the services from individual writers for updating the content, then you might be destroying the overall image of your blog. How? With the change in the author of the blog, the tone of the blog would change as well, and this would result in the creation of an inconsistent image.

To maintain the same quality and consistent image for your blog, you should get our help. Our company makes it possible for you to get in touch with the same writer every time you place your order, thus a win-win situation for everyone.

Highly sophisticated, holistic, and non-promotional style of writing is required to generate a press release. Not every writer could maintain this aura, and you can end up wasting your money and reputation for your company.

This is why you need help from the professionals who are experts in the field and know how the alteration in the use of words can change the impact of what is being said. Extreme SEO Attack has such writers on board who can give your press release the same tone that you are expecting it to convey to your readers.

For maintaining the perfect writing for your online store, we have a dedicated team of professionals who can manage the product descriptions for all your products. Starting from simple items to the tech-savvy products, each of the features of these items would be well explained.

You’ll clearly see an impact on your sales when our professional writers would get to work.

Reviewing products in a tone that would convince others for the purchase is an art, and we have masters of this art available with us. Getting reviews about your products, businesses, services, books, etc. is just an order away. 

At the time of reviewing your product, service, etc. our focus would be on highly persuasive and compelling features while curtailing the negative features (if any), so that you can generate maximum customers and best results for your business.

Packages & Pricing


What are your prices?
Prices are fixed and mentioned on our pricing table.

Do you have samples?
Yes, Open a support ticket and we will email you our samples.

Is there a minimum order amount?
There is a no minimum order amount.

Do you Include images in the Article?
No, We don’t.

Can I get an invoice?
Yes you can access and download all your invoices on your transaction history page.

When will my order be completed?
Delivery times can vary depending on current order volumes, writer availablity and the appeal of your content (price, difficulty, and order type)

What is your refund policy?
Due to the customized nature and made to order processes rendered by Extreme SEO Attack – all sales are considered final.


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