Amit Patel Bhawani is an inspirational blogger for every inspiring blogger in India. He is currently living in Hyderabad, India. Amit first started his blog back in April 03, 2007.  This is where he started blogging about SEO, Blogging, Tech and other things related to Internet Marketing.  It later on was noticed by everyone, including bloggers, news papers and other marketers within a 1 year period. This blog that Amit created, gained 4 figure from alexa rankings, and he later became a six figure blogger (Check out his income report on his web site – We won’t give link for free Sorry!). Amit Bhawani also runs the SEO company called, and he owns around 100 blogs (According to him). His most popular blog now is He has a team of writers that are working for him, along with his brother Cheetan Bhawani.

He was making enough money (six figure income) to live comfortably, while most of the indian bloggers followed his blog, and gained valuable knowledge through his experiences.  Then one day he suddenly stopped working on his blog. Blog stats: 16,800 indexed pages on Google, Alexa rank was 4 figure, Making 6 figure income.

Currently he is making more than 40k per month, though NOT CONFIRMED! From his groups of Android blogs – He has more than 20 Android Blogs again (from sources). His major source of income is coming from Google Adsense.

Ok, the intro part is completed (Sorry it’s a very short intro, but we’re here to specifically talk about his main blog), Let’s move on to the story – Why did he leave the blog alone just to die?

A lot of the blogger people asked me about him, and when I tried to contact him he never answered any of my questions on twitter.

Amit has been spotted on Google forums asking for help.  Some people maybe his competitors, haters and etc, who are scraping his blog posts to blogspot, and other web sites. The strange thing is they are actually outranking Amit’s own blog. While Google did nothing, he later complained to DMCA and I think they did nothing as well. Could this possibly be the reason of Amit not focusing on Here is the attached screenshot of his post on Google forums.

What’s the Reason Behind the Death of ?

  • Competitors, Haters and other people started copying his content
  • His blog was suffering from Google Panda
  • His blog was the victim of Google Penguin
  • He knows the fact that IM blogs don’t perform well with Adsense?
  • He is tired of Blogging? and wants to focus on his Android Blog?

In conclusion, though all the attributes listed above were factors of the death of  It can be safe to define the death of this site due to procrastination.  Let us know your thoughts.