Starting a new website can be an exciting task. Designing the pages, creating excellent content and honing your SEO are hard work, but are also quite rewarding. However, it can be disappointing when you finally get everything exactly the way you want it, only to discover that you’re barely getting any traffic. There are many ways to increase the traffic to your website, but one of the best is to link to your site from popular platforms, thereby bringing in new readers. Here are the five top platforms you should be using to increase your website’s traffic.


Medium is one of the most innovative platforms out there at the moment. The website provides a place for bloggers and writers to post articles without the need for a website of their own. However, you can also use Medium to build an audience and drive traffic to your own website. You can either create unique content for Medium or simply copy articles from your website and host them on Medium as well. In the text of the articles you post on Medium, include links to other related articles on your website. Keep posting new articles on Medium, and you’ll begin to see a gradual increase in traffic coming from interested readers who want to learn more about your chosen topic.


If your content is informational or can answer common questions, try posting on Quora to drive new traffic to your site. Quora is a more serious-minded version of Yahoo Answers, mostly focusing on professional, business, and semi-academic questions. Although this somewhat limits what kind of content Quora is useful for driving traffic to, it also leads to a self-selection process of highly engaged readers who will gladly click through your links to learn more about the topic they are curious about. To take advantage of Quora, search for questions that your content can answer, provide a basic but valuable answer to the question on the Quora platform, and then add the link to your content as a source of more in-depth information.


Many website owners disregard the huge potential that YouTube has to drive traffic to a site. However, the video hosting site is one of the largest search engines out there. By producing informative, educational, or entertaining video content, you can not only build an independent audience on YouTube, but also redirect that audience to your own site by putting links in videos or in your video descriptions. YouTube is especially powerful if your goal in driving traffic to your content is to sell physical products, as review videos are a great way to demonstrate and explain product features.


Much like Quora, LinkedIn can give you access to traffic from highly engaged and serious-minded readers. If you plan to use LinkedIn as a source of traffic, it’s best to post links to your content in LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your topic. These groups can give you an excellent source of traffic, provided the content you are posting is valuable and interesting to the members of that group. Professional services and business-related content will often perform best in these groups, but you can also find LinkedIn groups related to many other subject areas.


If you’ve already got a certain amount of traffic coming in and want to take your website to the next level, give Triberr a try. This little-known website is a social network specifically for bloggers to share their content, read what others have written, and share relevant content with their own followers. If you can develop connections with other bloggers and writers in your niche, you can arrange to share the content that others write to your following, while the other bloggers do the same for you. Because it is made up almost exclusively of people with social media and blog audiences, Triberr can be one of the best ways to get large numbers of eyes on your website.

Using these various platforms, you can drive more and more traffic to your website as you grow your audience. Remember that whatever platforms you use to send traffic to your site, you will need to post valuable content in order to convince readers or viewers to go to your website for more. Also, post consistently in order to drive traffic, rather than adding content one time and expecting to see a surge of traffic. Just like building organic traffic on your website, bringing traffic in from other platforms is a process. Keep creating great content and sharing it with as many people as you can, and you’ll begin to see your visitor count incrementally building until you achieve and even surpass your traffic goals.