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What is Google My Business Verified Listing?

One of the best tools that can be utilized for maintaining online presence on Google is Google my Business or GMB. Linking your business with this tool allows your customers to reach you with greater ease. It is possible because it enables your customers to search for you through Google Maps and Google search engine.  As ease of the customers is your primary concern, so you must register your business with GMB to ensure that maximum number of customers reach you by putting minimum amount of effort.

We can provide you with instant listing on Google my Business, even if you don’t have formal address or location to disclose. With our valuable and instant services, you can expect an increase in your customers and business reputation within no time, without having to spend multiple hours in using non-reliable methods for gaining more customers.



GMB Verified Listing – Get Your Google My Business Listing

To get your business ranked in the local market, you need local SEO to be done. For this local SEO, GMB (Google my Business) (formerly known as Google places) is essential. It can help your business rank on the first page of the Google search’s result. Additionally, with data revealing, 70% of searches to be done through Google, this Google product that can give online identity to your business and it can get to the top position, helping you to generate organic traffic.

The need for GMB verified listing is also increasing because online environment is full of competition. At the same time, the attention spans of the consumers are decreasing. So, in such a situation, you need to provide the appropriate and quick results for the searchers so that they can reach you just by typing their search query. This is what GMB verified listing dose for your business. It can provide the customers with your phone number, address, opening hours, reviews, photos etc. When coupled with a strong SEO strategy, GMB has a potential to take your business to the top of search results.


Save Time

You can save your time by getting our services for listing your business as we have professionals to finish this work within minutes.


Save Money

We provide discounts and offers to our customers. Get in touch with us for a quote.


Claim listings

Simple postcard verification can get this step completed


Take Control

At the end of the day, it is going to be YOUR business and you get the right to own the account. We’ll hand it over to you as soon as everything is ready to go.


Our professionals can ensure verification of all the business categories even including the ones that aren’t considered so easy to be verified in the SEO World.


We can ensure 100% results for all the locations around the world. It takes around 1-3 weeks for the completion of verification and this all what we need.


Just send us an email with your name and query and we’ll get back to you through your preferred mode of communication within 24 hours

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Can I use Spanish Keywords / Foreign Keywords?
Yes as long as they use Roman characters. Here is a document we created that explains a bit more about using foreign keywords – Click here.

What information is required to place an order?
Each package of link building requires slightly different inputs. Click the package name to see the order form for each: Small, Medium, or Large.

What is the difference between standard and premium content?
See a standard content sample here or premium content sample here . We use higher quality writers for the Premium content.

I’m looking for high quality content, what should I chose?
The purpose of this product is to create semantically relevant citations that link to your website. The content is not meant to be advertorial in nature. If you’re looking for content to publish on your site, you may be interested in HOTH Blogger.


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