Do you want to make money online at home?

Are you in search of some authentic ways of earning some extra bucks?

If this sounds to you, then stick to this article.

In this era of pandemic where everyone is facing financial crisis, earning from home is indeed a great option.

This article will reveal some authentic ways of earning money online using GOOGLE NEWS.

So without further ado, let’s move to the topic.


You can identify from its name, it’s a news aggregator service which is developed by Google.

Google news presents a constant flow of articles organized by thousands of publisher and magazines.

You can easily find Google news at the top bar of search engine with the tab “news”.

When you Google some query, on the result page, there are some links under the heading of “top stories” that is Google news. If any website appears under the heading of “top stories’, it means it’s there on Google news.

Google news is a great way to earn some extra income at home.

Some people think that Google news is a useless stuff. Not only this, working on Google news is quite difficult. In addition to this, there are some people who think that Google news is dead now.

No! This is absolutely wrong. The reality is way too different.

The working method of Google news has changed now. Earlier, people used to work on Google trends, which are real time and needs real time information. At that time people used to get millions of visitors in a day at their website, which was a good thing.

But now, Google news do not work on exact real time. Because of which competitors and other big brands cover the hot news quickly, before you get to know about the news. This way it becomes quite difficult to beat the competitor and bring traffic to your website. Of course, for newbie it is difficult to beat the new giants.


Earning through Google news is really an interesting and easy task. You don’t need to invest millions of money. All you need to do is buy a domain, hosting and design a premium web theme with 50 unique articles on your website.

The theme of website is the most crucial part. Theme should be unique. Remember the more unique the theme is, more chances of website approval will be there.

If you are not able to make a unique theme, then at least make a magazine style theme.

Google news is a powerful tool that gives high return on investment. Usually the average selling price of Google new is 750 $. For general domain the average selling price is 1000$ where as for niche specific site the selling price if 500$.

While selling Google website, make sure to check the availability of website on Google news.

Remember to purchase Google news site from authentic source, since there are some people who sells expired domains. So it is advisable to buy from authentic source.

Approval process:

  • Buy a domain
  • Make theme- theme should be unique. if not then at least it should be magazine style
  • At least 50 unique articles should be at your hand before approval
  • daily 3- 4 articles must be uploaded
  • Articles should be news type- you cannot add” how to”, guides, or blogging type content.
  • 5 digit numeric code of PERMA link  should be there in your URL
  • Add plug-in of news site map from web master tool.
  • You should have proper authors and editors in your page.
  • Your page should have necessary information such as about us, contact us.