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Get High Quality Contextual Backlinks (Guest Posts) Through Real/Manual Blogger Outreach. 

What is Extreme Guest Posts?

Extreme Guest Post is our service in which we can help you in acquiring quality backlinks for your website. Our professional writers ensure that your guest posts are written in a very high quality, professional and based on target audience. So that your money website naturally gets recognition with do-follow backlink along with quality traffic.

Quality Content Pieces

Competitiveness in the online world requires your content to be of impeccable quality. You can get research-based and properly optimized SEO guest posts done from Extreme SEO Attack. We are best at doing keyword research for guest post as well as topic suggestions. We also welcome you to provide us list of keywords to include in guest post content as well as topics you want us to write

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We Don’t Sell Crappy Stuff Here, What Cannot Be Read Cannot Be Told.

We believe in the quality and relevancy of content. We are 100% assure that you will not regret with our Extreme guest post service, which will definitely help you in boosting ranking of your website.

Don’t fall for low-quality guest posts; they can destroy your entire SEO Strategy. We ensure that you will receive high-quality content optimized for high-quality backlinks.

We only need you to provide in-detail requirements, we take care rest to help you get maximum benefit from your guest post. 

Time is money and business minded people like don’t waste time! So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now to keep your website on deserved ranking spot!

Never risk using poor quality guest posts, which will hurt your marketing campaign. You will see traffic soar to your website and you will watch your business grow when you use the posts we create for you.

Depending on the amount of content and number of post you need, it will take just 7 to 14 business days to complete your order. We work to ensure you have the best opportunity to quickly reach a fast SERP—Search Engine Results Page—impact on the major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Extreme SEO Attack has been always ahead in providing support to its customers with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We believe in long-term relationship and don’t run after money and vanished. Our customers are backbone of our business.

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“The service that The HOTH provides is unparalleled. I ran the numbers, there was no way I could recreate the service for the price… Now we exclusively use The HOTH within our new flagship marketing division.”
Brian H.
Internet Marketing Manager, Publicly Traded Company (NASDAQ)

“After weathering the storm in a competitive niche and spending too much money on other SEOs with less results, I have finally found the one, The HOTH. The quality of links and content created by The HOTH trumps any other service I have used.”
Alfonso L.
Director of Corporate Outreach and Brand Development

“In those two weeks we have taken two of three domains from googles 6th page to half way up the first… For one keyword, we now rank #3 and #6.”
Adam Steele
The Magistrate – Vancouver, BC

“I’ve gone through a few services and got all sorts of results… this is tied for the best two I’ve used. Sound SEO Strategy. A+ Service. And the price is right, too! Bluehat Approved.”
Eli Aloisi
Industry Legend. Author of BlueHatSEO.com

Packages & Pricing


Can I use Spanish Keywords / Foreign Keywords?
Yes as long as they use Roman characters. Here is a document we created that explains a bit more about using foreign keywords – Click here.

What information is required to place an order?
Each package of link building requires slightly different inputs. Click the package name to see the order form for each: Small, Medium, or Large.

What is the difference between standard and premium content?
See a standard content sample here or premium content sample here . We use higher quality writers for the Premium content.

I’m looking for high quality content, what should I chose?
The purpose of this product is to create semantically relevant citations that link to your website. The content is not meant to be advertorial in nature. If you’re looking for content to publish on your site, you may be interested in HOTH Blogger.


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