Google constantly makes changes to the way it evaluates the links leading to any website. In particular, saw a number of major changes in the way Google interprets inbound links. With these changes in mind, the following ideas make sense for successful link building campaign.

Work the guest posting idea in reverse

To many link builders, any guest posting activity is usually limited to posting on other people’s blogs in return for a backlink on their website. This idea can work better in reverse, though. You can try to get guest posters to come write on your site. You’ll generate some interest in the community and get a few links in places that you may never have managed before.

Understand that link metrics aren’t everything when you decide where to take your link building efforts

It’s important that you study the metrics for every website, blog and forum that you take your link building to. Metrics like a website’s Page Rank, though, don’t offer you the full picture.

Google looks for natural links. If you were just building links with the intention of getting your website’s name out to people interested in your field (rather than trying to convince Google of your relevance), you would simply target websites that were frequented by members of your base. You wouldn’t care if the metrics for the site didn’t make link building sense.

If you are serious about natural-looking links, you need to make sure that your link building isn’t just by the numbers. Your moves need to actually look natural. If a website seems like a good target for your links, you should go for it, even if it has a poor Page Rank score. While links on such websites may not directly help your ranking, they could help you get traction on the social networks.

If your business has a physical location, you should get local search results for it

When your business has a physical presence, you can set it up on Bing Local, Google Places for Business and Foursquare. You can also get good mileage on Facebook.

If you have a cheap link building service working for you, you should keep a constant eye on your links

While hiring cheap link building services may work out well, sometimes, you need to keep a constant eye on them. If you find a link building service building out your links in unnatural ways, you should move in quickly and try to undo any damage. For instance, if a link building service suddenly builds 300 new links for you overnight, you should recognize that the search engines can find such activity suspicious and penalize you for it.

You should study every link that you get from link building services to make sure that you catch out any unnatural patterns – links coming in from forums on unrelated subjects, for instance, are clearly unnatural. ?When you find such links, you should work with your link building service to have them removed.

Look at your backlink profile on a regular basis

Performing regular audits of your link profile is vitally important to your link building success. While the Webmaster Tools offered by Google and Bing are important, these tools are too close to the search engines that they belong to. You need an independent point of view, as well.

Every major link auditing tool on the Internet (Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Link Research Tools, among others) offers free passes, free trials orlite versions that help beginners get started with their link building. If you don’t have a large link profile to check, these versions should give you enough insight into your link profile to get you started. You can go ahead and subscribe to the full versions of these tools when your preliminary audits begin to net you interesting information.

Every webmaster should learn a few rudimentary link analysis skills. You need the skills necessary to recognize link problems when you see them. ?For instance, you should be able to recognize when a poor link profile is behind a poor ranking. When you learn to recognize such signs, you’ll be able to call in a professional search engine optimizer for help.

Make the best use possible of the webmaster tools that major search engines offer

A surprising number of webmasters invested in SEO neglect to take the basic step of setting up their webmaster tools.? These tools can make it very easy for you to identify basic link building problems. You also get notifications from Google when you get hit by manual penalties.

Pay attention to how your pages look in the SERPs

Ranking at the top for a keyword can be very good. It doesn’t guarantee success for your website, though. Search engine users judge every result that they see to make sure that it looks promising. Only then do they click on it. You need to look at your search engine results yourself to see if they look inviting enough that you would click on them if you were the average searcher. If other results look more trustworthy or interesting, you should try to see how you might bring such trustworthiness to your own search engine results.