Extreme Niche Edits/Curated Contextual Backlinks Service

Curated Links in Existing Articles on Real Sites

One-Time Payment is just the Beginning

With the niche relevant links placed on the aged websites, you can expect the ranking of your website to go up instantaneously. You just need to pay for these links once and for as long as these websites would be live, you’ll be able to continue getting the benefit from the link juice. not only that, with time, you should expect your website to grow more powerful because of the growth of the websites on which your links would be placed. We also provide continuous customer support in this regard – if your website link goes down ever, you can contact customer support and get it replaced.

Contextual, Niche-Relevant Links with Power

With the niche edit services, you are in more control of the links that are coming to your website. We promise to place your website link in the real aged websites that are not only relevant to your overall niche but would be contextually relevant too. This will establish your website as the high quality websites for the Google’s Algorithm. Similarly, the audience that you would get result of these niche edits would have higher chances of establishing strong ties with you.

Links from the Best Sites with Real Traffic

You don’t have to worry about the websites on which your link would be placed as we examine each of the websites that we include in our network. We make sure that the deferring domains for that websites are niche specific and the website is getting the real traffic from Google. Only after all these verifications, we place the link to your website on them. So, it is guaranteed that you’ll get the maximum benefit. If you want to know the way we price each of these websites, then for that let us make clear that the number of referring domains determine what we charge for each link placement.

Priced by Referring Domains

We believe that the number and quality of referring domains is one of the best ways to determine the price for each link. This is because we want to give you the best possible value at definitely every good thing has a price tag attached. Once you get in touch with our team, you can simply be sure that the domains that we would be offering you for Niche Edits would be fully scrutinized for the quality of the referring domains. So, you can simply rely on our team and expect the best value for your money.

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How it Works

Our simple, hassle-free process

Place Your Order

You just need to choose your niche and power level that you wish to achieve. Provide us with your website’s URL and anchor text and we’ll take it on from here. We have 3-pack options, bulk offers and other package deals. Larger orders can get you discounts as well. So choose the plan wisely.

We Drop the Links

We place links on the niche relevant, real and aged websites for you. Usually, all this process takes two weeks’ time. 

We place your links in real articles on real websites according to your specifications. Link placement usually takes about 2 weeks.

Watch Your Rankings

After 2 weeks, you’ll be able to see the impact on your website ranking. The rankings would show just after the link placement and your SERP analysis tool would be able to pick it up for you within no time after the replacement.


Can I use Spanish Keywords / Foreign Keywords?
Yes as long as they use Roman characters. Here is a document we created that explains a bit more about using foreign keywords – Click here.

What information is required to place an order?
Each package of link building requires slightly different inputs. Click the package name to see the order form for each: Small, Medium, or Large.

What is the difference between standard and premium content?
See a standard content sample here or premium content sample here . We use higher quality writers for the Premium content.

I’m looking for high quality content, what should I chose?
The purpose of this product is to create semantically relevant citations that link to your website. The content is not meant to be advertorial in nature. If you’re looking for content to publish on your site, you may be interested in HOTH Blogger.


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