Extreme PBN Links Service

Fuel-up Your Websites’ Ranking with Powerful PBN Backlinks with Proven Tactics!s

What is Extreme PBN?

A PBN stands for Private Blog Network which means a set of authority websites that are controlled by you to link your money sites. With the help of your own built PBN, you can rank competitive keywords in Search Engines to drive traffic and make tons of money out it.

But nowadays there are so called pros out in the market who typically sell spam PBN backlinks with 100+ outbound links. Which means they are inviting search engines to penalize their PBNs.

But, our PBN Extreme service is based on Quality PBNs and we care and manage our clients’ websites like ours. We have less outbound links and more power to money sites of our clients.

A PBN Link Building Service That Works

Let’s accept to the fact that we all want our websites to get ranked on # 1 spot of Google and that’s why you are here. We don’t buy just expired domains, build them and make them ready to sells Links. The Extreme SEO Attack focuses on building quality Private Blog Network by passing many PBN factors and leaving no footprints at all.

We have helped over 100 clients to rank money websites on desired ranking spot of Google or other search engines. PBN Extreme links are worth trying we assure you that you will get quality PBN backlink with less outbound links at affordable prices.

Not Sure? Give us a call or message for already proven ranked money sites. We beat prices at very great level. Let’s talk! J

Extreme PBN’s Exclusive Features!

We Eat, Drink and Sleep PBN. We Know It Very Well!


Average Page Authority Greater than 20!

We provide PBN links with an average PA 20+ and DA 15+

Limited Membership

To keep our PBNs quality better we control the OBLs for each site.

Premium Site Content

We have in-house team of native speaking writers. We write top notch quality, 100% plagiarism free, and grammatically correct articles to publish on relevant PBN sites with your targeted URLs.


Clean Links & Sites

Our PBNs have naturally cleaned in-content links with no spammy look of websites.

Social Activity

Every PBN link also gets social signals, to keep supporting the natural flow link juice of your money site.

Premium Hosting

We are conscious and only use premium hosting for PBNs with different IP classes provided by Amazon, Rackspace, OVH and more.

Adjustable Drip Feed Option

We help you in drip-feeding your links from 1 to 30 days based on the requirement.


High Quality Site Design

Every PBN is built with care which contains Branded Logo, TOS/Privacy/About/Contact pages, Social Profiles with real look website.


100% Footprint Free

We know our stuff and we do it better to avoid all footprints with 100% accuracy! We use different NS, Premium Hosting, Unique Domains, Class-C IPs, Who is Privacy and more to keep the PBN safe and secure.

100% Indexed / Dofollow / Permanent

All Private Blog Network links are indexed by major search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

Packages & Pricing


What are your prices?
Prices are fixed and mentioned on our pricing table.

Do you have samples?
Yes, Open a support ticket and we will email you our samples.

Is there a minimum order amount?
There is a no minimum order amount.

Do you Include images in the Article?
No, We don’t.

Can I get an invoice?
Yes you can access and download all your invoices on your transaction history page.

When will my order be completed?
Delivery times can vary depending on current order volumes, writer availablity and the appeal of your content (price, difficulty, and order type)

What is your refund policy?
Due to the customized nature and made to order processes rendered by Extreme SEO Attack – all sales are considered final.


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