SEO experts today find press releases to be an excellent way to approach search engine optimization. When you put out a good press release, it can end up on hundreds of websites on the Internet. Links coming in from all these sites can be good SEO. Many professional SEO services even have PR experts on their teams today. Before you attempt to gain some SEO traction through creating press releases, though, you need to learn the exact way in which press releases come to achieve results.

You need to find a way to position your product as part of a new trend

It can be very difficult for a small business to get the press to talk about its products.?Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, a marketing classic by Jack Trout and Al Ries, has an important point to make here – whatever your product is, you need to try to position it as leading a new trend. You need to invent this trend and make it appear a legitimate phenomenon. You may even need to point to competitors following the trend to strengthen the appearance of a real trend. You simply need to do whatever it takes to prove to the press that they have an important new trend to cover. It can be difficult to get any attention for products that don’t promise innovation of some kind.

A small business that makes iPhone cases, for instance, is hardly in a new business area – iPhone cases are not new trend and aren’t newsworthy. Business niches, though, stabilize over time and carve up into multiple segments. If the niche for iPhone cases is no longer a noteworthy trend, you can create a new kind of iPhone case and promote it as a new vertical all by itself. Cases with built-in batteries, speakers, keyboards – whatever innovation you have – can be a vertical by itself. This is all the innovation it takes to gain a bit of PR traction.

Put out a good press release

Once you have a new phenomenon to promote, an impressive press release is the next step to work towards. An interesting topic and arresting title are vital to an effective press release. Often, this requires more than just great copy. You may need interesting material to talk about.

Commissioning original research or an original survey on an interesting, newsworthy subject is an excellent way to punch up a press release

Journalists often need credible surveys and research to quote in their stories and reports. When a company promoting a product commissions a thousand-person survey or does other credible research in an area related to its product to place in its press release, it can make the press release a shoo-in.

Your survey should be about a key problem that affects people and a related benefit that your product delivers

The choice of subject area that you cover with your survey is important. You need to find something that gets an emotional response from people – something that they care about. If your business deals in financial planning services, for instance, your press release could announce a survey finding that reads like one of these examples.

.   37% of Those Over 50 are 70% Short on Their Retirement Savings Targets. A New Financial Planner Offers a New Resource

.   One in Six Investors Lose $1,000 a Year to Investment Decisions Based on Bad Information. This New Service Addresses the Problem

Use quotes to make your press release credible

If you’ve paid attention to any magazine or newspaper article over the past 20 years, you can’t miss the fact that that half the content in these articles is made up of quotes from people. Quotes are the way modern journalism is done. Peppering your press release with good, quality quotes, then, gives journalists, the material they need in exactly the format they need it in.

Don’t forget about the SEO fallout of duplication

If you do your job well, your press release will usually get published on hundreds of websites all over the Internet. If you try to put in anchor text with live links to your website in a press release, then, it will end up on all these websites. Anchor text with live links is exactly the way spammers have traditionally tried to build links. If Google catches you trying to put such links on hundreds of websites, you will be penalized. If you wish to put in a link, it shouldn’t have anchor text and it shouldn’t be live. It should just be a non-live URL.

If you do decide to put a live link on your press release, you should at least make sure that you don’t put links on your website to any page on the Internet that your press release appears on. Doing this can create a reciprocal link (a link to your website appears on your press release that is published on another website, while your own website offers a link to them). Google will think that you have a reciprocal back linking arrangement in place and penalize you.

Put out your press release as part of a full media kit

A media kit gives a journalist all the tools that he needs to use your press release. While professional SEO services putting out press releases usually do use full media kits, small businesses doing their own PR can try them, too. You can include images of your logo, important personalities in your business, your products and your physical place of business. You can include cheat sheets with quotes from the founders, user testimonials, the full findings of your surveys, product information and so on. You should also make sure that all the information you provide is available in multiple file formats. The easier you make things for the journalist, the easier it will be for you to get your press release out.

Finding the right wire service for your press release

Names like Business Wire, PRWeb, Market Wire, and PRNewswire are popular with businesses promoting their products. You need to do your research before you decide on a wire service, though – the best ones can result in hundreds of backlinks.