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Faris Hussain engaged us for a small consultancy and during our interaction with him, we found him a highly immaculate professional. His briefings about the project were precise, clear and target-focused. His follow up with our team was superb. Highly recommended for digital marketing consultancy in Pakistan, and Dubai.

Ashraf Chaudhry (Sales Trainer)

Pakistan's #1 Sales Trainer | C-Level Headhunter

Faris’s class was one of the best I have attended. Faris is skilled at engaging the class, providing information in a helpful manner, and giving individuals the direction they need to feel competent and comfortable administering the marketing growth. As a result of Faris’s class, I am looking forward to using the Growth Hacking i learnt in my organization’s online growth initiatives. I highly recommend Faris as an instructor! Thumbs Up! 

Asadulllah Saleem

CEO, Specs Hub Canada

I first connected with Syed Faris when he was with web producers. At that time we couldn’t market our products in-house so we had to give away a contract to a reliable digital marketing agency. I was hooked up to him and that was one of the best decision. He helped me design a search engine optimization campaign which ranked our website for the provided keywords in less than 3 months.

SEO Results

Adil Thaplawala

Syed Faris is very detailed – oriented and produced top-notchresource outcome for my Company. Hope that you will findtalented resource in here.

Here are the results, Thanks Extreme SEO Attack for this top notch service.

Fatima J.

Trainer, Speaker, Leadership Consultant, & Author

I ordered articles from Extreme SEO Attack’s article writing service and than their on page seo service, but when they re-launched this service they notified me via email and I was not keen to order this service at first but when I checked the packaging and prices than I decided to order this service for my exsisting site. I wanted 60 articles/keywords and full on page seo.

When you talked about the pricing in the market place and on the whole internet everyone is selling keywords minimum for $5 for each thats about 5×600 = $300 and minimum article rate is 4 that’s about $240, on page seo for 60 pages = $240 and than domain/hosting and so on… PLUS time, yes time is money and you are getting all this for $780 to $800 but from EST you can get all this for $500?! I see the benefit for myself but how are you making a profit out of this? 

I am stucked here and was thinking about the quality of articles (how can they offer the service at such a low rates?) but articles are top notch quality… I got 60 articles/keywords for my exhsisting tech blog and my earnings are jumped to $200 for the second month (YES! my site is already a authority site)

Communication: It was great. they replied to all of my questions and their team was online 24 hours it seems, because I would come with questions sometimes at random times, but they was there. So thats cool.

Article Quality: Top Notch. I wasn’t really expecting the articles to be of such quality because it didn’t much the low price, but it was great. 

Overall: This service is really a steal. It’s like I have struck internet oil! Thanks again!

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A pleasure to work with Syed Faris, a professional management of social networks, as they have been doing large corporate in the last two years, will help not only to have an impeccable reputation in internet but also to grow your business, when you put into practice all the elements necessary for the administration of social networks, they are almost magically become your best allies in promoting your online business. I look forward to working with him in the future in new projects.

Iván Menéndez Llosa

Social Media & Diseñador Gráfico Freelance at imllosocialmedia.com

I bought this service some days ago and I have to say that it works. I used it for my new site that was not in first 100 results and just a week later it was in 13th position. The work is not yet completed but i couldn’t keep the excitement I definitely recommend it.


For my review, let me first state that what I was really looking for here was a Wikipedia link. Well, they couldn’t have done a more professional job. The link was placed on the ideal page and looks completely natural, so I believe it should most likely stick. I couldn’t be more pleased with this service. This link alone is worth several times the price, with social signals for a sweet bonus!


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