Whatever reason you take up blogging, you want readers to come and visit your site and read what you have to say, whether it be an opinion, a comment on something like news or an event or you are providing expertise or information.

For a blog to be successful it must provide useful information to the reader and is also unique at least in the way it is put across.  If it’s interesting and engages the reader and provides him or her with what they are looking for, they will return for more of the same or similar.  The best way to achieve this is by studying the reader and find out what it is they are looking for and give it to them.  Useful content means different things to different people.  Some blogs provide laughs, gossip and fun conversations.  Some blogs provide education or teach the reader about a given topic.  Many successful blogs are sites where debates are encouraged whilst others provide news or information about issues, topics or products.  A blog can provide one of these, some of them or all of them. 

You can find out what kind of content your readers want can be found by asking either formally or informally for feedback. You can also look at similar blogs which is going to be the main way to research your readers if you haven’t yet started your blog.

Another good tip, if you are starting out in blogging is to develop a style that defines you and your blog and helps make it stand out from the blogs that are writing on the same topic/subject. 

When actually writing the blog you should keep an eye on the reader attention span.  Most people are scanning pages rather than in-depth reading as if they were reading a book.  Research has shown that the average reader stays on a blog for 96 seconds.  This means you should keep your blog entries short.  Make them easy digestible short grabs that the reader can read within 96 seconds.  Another thing to think about is Search Engine Optimization (SE0).  Some researches suggest an article length of around 250 words gets ranked higher than longer articles.

Another tip that many bloggers give is on the quantity of posts.  One blogger suggests writing as many short posts as you can every day whilst others suggest writing at least one of a reasonable length 400-500 words.  Also it’s a good idea to comprehensively cover the topic you are writing on without writing a long post.  It’s not a hard and fast rule and some bloggers recommend mixing it up a bit so that your blog site is varied in post lengths but generally short around 200-250 words.

One aspect that many bloggers forget is use of titles.  If you make good of the title for your post you will grab the attention of the search engines and you will also attract the attention of the RSS feeds.  Loyal readers will be more likely stop and read your post if it’s title stands out and hits them between the eyes.

These are simple tips that can help establish your blog as one of the successful blogs on the internet.  These are just a few tips, there are many more that can be found by speaking to other bloggers who will be, in many cases, happy to share their experiences and hints and tips.