So you are searching the internet trying to figure out an easy method to rank your Youtube videos.  What you are looking for is Video SEO. And maybe it’s because you want to be Youtube star? Or maybe you are trying to generate a few leads for your local business that you are just starting up?  Or maybe you just want to simply make money online with Youtube? – Well, here you can find an a method that actually works to rank the Youtube videos you have created, on SERPs which has never been published anywhere on the internet.

You might think that it’s too late to make money with online videos, but Youtube is actually still a major goldmine for online marketers, and you can promote almost anything on a Youtube channel that is free to create. I personally love to use Youtube to get quick backlinks for my personal websites.  Some types of backlinks that you can create can be for, Pay Per Download method, Affiliates and etc. It took me about 3 months to figure out what were the absolute best methods to rank the Youtube videos on SERPs, and I finally succeeded after testing out what works and what does not work. I have ranked lots of Youtube videos for myself and later on I have provided video SEO services for 100s of happy clients.

Here is the results of one particular video I ranked  for my offline business and guess what? I am getting leads from this one video on a daily basis.

How to Create Youtube Videos?

There are 100s of ways to create videos for youtube, or you could even outsource the work for your Youtube Videos. You can use some free online tools to create videos, paid software, and/or you can outsource the videos at a very affordable rate. Animoto – Make & Share Beautiful Videos Online (Recommended) Stupeflix – Make video slideshows with photos, music Wideo – Make animated online videos free

If you looking to make high quality videos, and want to get into a bit of cinematography, I would suggest adobe, or final cut.  Both are very expensive, but well worth the money, when you consider some of the things that you can create with it.  Usually the two programs as far as quality go are neck and neck, but right now I would say adobe is a little better.  With the next update final cut could be better, so it just depends on what you want to use, and what you feel comfortable with.

If you are looking to outsource the video you can try out fiverr gigs too – I always use fiverr gigs for video testimonials. There are a variety of models (Every kind of).

On Page SEO for Youtube Video

Keyword Research: Do some keyword research for your video and try to focus only 3 to 5 keywords (1 main keyword and others should be long tails)

Video Length: You need to create video minimum 2:00 mintues of length if you are focusing on some low competitive keywords. If you are planning to make 3-4 figures income from the single video than you should go for the 5:00 minutes.  Basically the longer the more authority your video will essentially have.

Video File Name: Yet another secret! Use your keyword with your video file name.  Most people miss this step, but remember everything counts.

Title: Set the title of the video only include the keyword you can use 3 keywords on a single video (Don’t spam).

Description: Description plays very important role to rank the video. Donot write 3-4 lines in the description write 700+ words unique article with keyword density of 5% YES! We are going to spam and rank the video.

Tags: Enter your keywords into the tags.

Quality: Quality of the video should be minimum 720p HD.

Category: Select relevant category.

Channel: Youtube user and channel should have the keyword in it.

Off Page SEO for Youtube Video

Most important part and my favorite part to ranking the videos. But before you start building links you need to boost up the video.

Views: Without views you cannot rank the videos on serps and also on youtube. If you are getting normal or mobiles views so they cannot work (old method) you need high retention time watched views. If you want to focus on USA than go for the geo targeted videos. You can find views seller anywhere in the internet but fiverr is my favorite source to outsource the these stuff for cheap. You can get up to 50k geo targeted high retention time watched views.

Likes: I personally go for 500 likes you can use anywhere between 100 to 500 likes, mainly pay attention to what your competitors have.

Subscribers: 100 subscribers are enough for the channel.

Favorites: 100 Favorites are enough.

Comments: Always stick with the custom comments don’t use only generic comments (They helps a lot for conversions) 35 comments are enough.

If you can’t afford fiverr than you can use Vagex and u2bviews to get views, likes, subscribers, favorites and comments.

Link Building Strategy for Video SEO (SPAM SPAM and SPAM – Yes do spam as much as you can)

  • Scrapebox
    : For tons of High PR Auto Approve Do-follow Blog Comments (10k to 50k comments).
  • Bookmarking Demon: The best software for social bookmarking (1k to 10k social bookmarks).
  • XRUMER: Use Xrumer and build forum profiles (10k to 50k forum profiles)

If you don’t have these tools than go donot waste your money! Go and get GSA Ranker — GSA Search Engine Ranker (The most powerful SEO Software i have ever used). Set campaign for your video and leave it for 7 days.

  • Social Signals: Don’t forget to add Facebook likes/shares, Reddit votes, Google+, Tweets and Retweets, Stumbleupon, Digg and etc. Find list by yourself (Google is your best friend).
  • High PR Links: If you are in hurry and don’t have anytime you want to make money really fast than go for the High PR links, No i am not talking about the High PR blog comments. I am talking about the Sape (Russian Links) 50-100 Links are enough you can remove them after 10 days if you want. 100 Russian Links will costs your around $100 per month.
  • Embed Video on Web 2.0: Embed your video within the article by using old embed code of the video and create minimum 20 web.20 add any kind of article (original, spun, crap anything will work) and embed your video into them and start blasting for atleast 7 days. You can find all the above stuff on fiverr. The more you build links – More you get rank.